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“She (Kristen) was great! Helped me with my form so I wouldn’t get hurt.”

- Sophia M. (Strength & Conditioning)

“Wicked Fit is a unique facility; the workouts are challenging, no matter your age or physical level. The classes are always different, so your body and mind do not get bored! The instructors are supportive, professional and knowledgeable, always caring about your success! Wicked Fit has a great group of members so it is enjoyable to be there. I am fortunate to have found this gym.”

- Carol W.

“Great class. He (Chris) really does a well balanced class that actually has a strength component and a conditioning component. Not just hammering the same muscle over and over.”

-Tracey W. (Strength & Conditioning)


“Such a wonderful way to start a weekend! Fully stretched out...mobility exercises are so important!”

- Lauren R. (Functional Flow)

“I have been a member of Wicked Fit for 6 years and it has been the most positive choice I have made for my health. I joined with the intention of losing weight but, I had no idea what else I would gain. The trainers and the community of support is incredible. I remained a member after the challenge and I enjoy coming to the gym each week. If you are looking for a gym that has a wonderful community, great challenges and a diverse weekly class schedule, this is the place for you!”

- Laura M.


“Great total body workout!! Good variety of expertises and my heart rate was up there! Fun way to burn 369 calories!”

- Kara S. (Outdoor Circuit)


“Great early morning workout! Gets me motivated for the day!”

- Cindy E. (Total Body Conditioning / aka: TBC)

“Wicked Fit is the first gym I ever felt comfortable in. I was a member for 3 months while living in San Diego. I recently moved to Phoenix and have struggled to find a similar gym with small classes and hands on trainers. If you are in San Diego and looking for a great, welcoming gym, try Wicked Fit. I never thought I’d miss a gym so much!”

- Courtney G.

“I cannot express how grateful I am for finding Wicked Fit. My experience started with a 6 week challenge in October of 2017. This challenge truly changed my life. I lost weight, inches and fat percentage, and learned how to eat better with the meal plan provided. This was all great, because I lost 2 pant sizes, but what I didn’t expect was to feel transformed from the experience. I absolutely love the TBC classes and actually look forward to working out at the end of my work day. The classes are challenging, but what makes this place special are the trainers and the small class sizes. You get the motivation from the other people in class, but also get the feeling of being in personal training because the trainers pay attention to your form and your needs while in class. In my opinion, what really makes this gym stand out is the strong sense of community. It feels like an extended family that I look forward to hanging out with. I highly recommend anyone give this gym a try. Specifically the 4 & 6 week challenges offered are truly life changing experiences if you stick with them.”

- Sarah H.