Kristen headshot.png

Kristen Lucek

Hometown: Wilmot, New Hampshire



  • National Personal Training Institute

  • RYT 500 

  • Massage Therapist

  • Health Coach

  • Bachelor's Degree in Communications


Training Style & Focus: 

I love Functional Interval Training, High Intensity Interval training, emphasizing bodyweight exercises and good form. I am a true believer that you MUST be strong with your own bodyweight, before you start lifting heavy weights. My classes are high energy, loud music and lots of fun!! 


When I am not coaching, I’m:

Working out, working on my business, raising my beautiful daughter, socializing with friends and family, camping, enjoying the beach and San Diego’s beautiful weather!


Chris Aydin

Hometown: Paramus, New Jersey



  • B.S. in Biology, minor in Nutrition

  • M.S. in Exercise Physiology, with a concentration in strength & conditioning. 

  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) 

  • USA Powerlifting Senior International Coach


Training Style & Focus: 

Athletically driven & challenging, while suitable for all training levels and training goals. Whether you’re looking to set a new PR, supplement your healthy lifestyle, deadlift 2x your bodyweight, or strategically train around a nagging injury, I will help inspire and keep you working harder and smarter than ever.


When I’m not coaching, I’m:

Powerlifting, hiking, enjoying San Diego’s craft beer scene, and enjoying everything San Diego has to offer.


Geoff Almstead 

Hometown: Manassas, Virginia



  • ACE personal trainer, CPR/AED, DDS

  • Associates in Music, Spanish, Nutrition

  • Lifelong student


Training Style & Focus: 

I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. I like to outline group workouts and offer modifications best fit for the individual. I want to motivate and challenge everyone to be the best versions of themselves. I specialize in programming and corrective exercise.  


When I’m not coaching, I’m:

Working at Wonderland. Working out, lifting, running, yoga, biking, surfing. Hanging with my dog Wyatt. Cooking. Writing and performing music. Watching sports or movies. And I do lots of laundry.   


Elizabeth Barr

Hometown: Prescott, Arizona



  • ACE certified group fitness instructor 

  • RYT 200 

  • Bender Pilates, Zumba, Spinning, & Xtend Barre 

  • CPR/AED and first-responder certification 

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Anthropology 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Literature, Minor in Physiology

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy with pelvic floor specialization


Training Style & Focus:

I aim to combine the energy of group exercise with personalized attention to form. Safety and alignment first, fun and shaking muscles second! 


When I’m not coaching, I’m:

Performing my big-girl-job duties, cooking, painting, writing, traveling, dog-momming. 


Audrey Shutts

Hometown: Westbrook, Maine



  • ACE Personal Trainer

  • CA State Certified Personal Trainer


  • Currently in pursuit of a degree in kinesiology


Training Style & Focus:

Work hard and have fun! I want you to leave drenched in sweat but feeling more capable. With an eye on safe form always, I want to guide you in exploring your potential & progressing towards any goals you may have.


When I’m not coaching, I’m:

Basking in the SoCal sunshine, working out, reading, or trying new restaurants.


Lauren Lucek
Operations Manager

Hometown: Wilmot, New Hampshire



  • BA in Outdoor Leadership & Education

  • Wilderness First Aid & CPR 


I am here to answer all of your membership questions and needs! My goal is for every member to feel like part of the Wicked Fit Community.

I also lead group hikes for the gym, which is not just a way to exercise but a mindful experience and a great way to balance your life.


When I’m not working at Wicked Fit I’m:

Camping, hiking, traveling, trying out new restaurants and making shrubs (drinking vinegars) for my other business!