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Wicked Fit's fearless leader Kristen Lucek moved to San Diego from Boston, MA in January of 2015.


She chose the coolest neighborhood in San Diego: South Park!


Kristen has been in the fitness industry since 2010 teaching group fitness classes, personal training, yoga and massage. She loves people and loves helping people become a healthier version of themselves.


When she moved to San Diego, she essentially had to start her career over. In the meantime, she joined a dope local fitness studio named GFIT. After working out there for a few months, she knew that this was the place for her. Kristen started coaching and eventually became the lead trainer and an integral part of this amazing studio.


Then in 2018, she got pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl!


As a single mom, she wanted to step up her game and be able to give her daughter everything she needed and wanted. Not only that, she wanted to show her daughter what strength looks like and demonstrate that if you work hard enough, you can get anything you want.


So Kristen bought GFIT in August 2019!


She took the gym over, and then six months later the Covid-19 global pandemic hit. She freaked out for a minute, but knew that failing was NOT an option. She adapted and adjusted to everything that came her way, and came out on the other side with a new state of mind, a new clientele and a new brand! The "down time" she had (which wasn't a lot), was spent on recreating the product, establishing a whole new team, and renaming GFIT to Wicked Fit!

As an East Coaster, Kristen is a loud, crazy, blunt hustler!


In 2021, she renamed the studioWicked Fit because that is exactly what you will become when you start to train here. With the rebrand, she introduced a little more of “her own flavor” and is creating a space to provide all types of offerings that encompass health.


It's a family affair!


Guess what - Kristen got her sister to join as Operations Manager too! So Wicked Fit is a family run, women operated fitness studio! This is a dream come true for Kristen. 


If you are looking for ass kicking classes, a home away from home, and a dope community, come and check out Wicked Fit! We can't wait to meet you! 


Real People. Real Bodies. Real Progress!

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